Join us each Wednesday for AWANA from 6:45 - 8:15 pm

The doors are open for check in and registration at 6:30 pm

A mini meal is served from 6:30 - 6:45 pm



Because AWANA is fun!  It's what keeps them coming back.  And while they're having fun, they're learning and growing.

If you're looking for a program to change kids' lives, you've come to the right place.

AWANA club meetings are jam packed with life changing experiences.  The meetings are run by trained leaders with a love for Jesus and a desire to help young people.  Club materials are filled with verses from the Bible and guidelines to help kids memorize and understand them.  AWANA teaches kids that God is real, that He loves them and that He has expressed that love through Jesus Christ. 

AWANA clubs exist to reach children and teens with the Gospel of Christ and to train them to serve Him in their everyday lives.  

Our personal AWANA goal is for children to grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually as a result of participating in AWANA. 

There are different clubs for different age groups:


                         Cubbies  -  Ages 3-4



                         Sparks  -  Grades K-2



                         T&T  -  Grades 3-6



                   Trek   -  Middle School and High School         



What happens at an AWANA meeting?

An AWANA meeting consists of 4 main parts:

          1.  Opening Ceremony  -  Clubbers recite pledges to American and Christian flags and sing the AWANA theme song

          2.  Bible Story / Study Time  -  A time consisting of songs and an age appropriate Bible message / lesson.

          3.  Handbook Time  -  Time devoted to Scripture memorization with as much one-on-one supervision as possible. 

          4.  Game Time  -  Outdoor or Indoor games designed to encourage friendly competition and good sportmanship.

At the end of an AWANA meeting will be Coucil Time and Closing  -  An age appropriate Bible message, final announcements and recognition of clubbers' achievements. 

By making AWANA fun and rewarding, children achieve and memorize scripture more easily.

Occasionally, we will deviate from the schedule in order to accommodate special events such as the AWANA Store and other special events.


Theme Nights:

The last Wednesday night of each month we have a "Special Theme" where we dress according to a theme and come together at the end of the evening to have a time of fellowship with Pastor Jonathan and he presents a gospel message.  Then birthdays for the present month are acknowledged and awards are presented.  Theme Nights are special times for our clubbers and are designed to encourage club attendance.    


Each AWANA clubber has the opportunity to earn "shares" or"play money " as reward for wearing their uniform, club attendance, passing sections in their handbooks, bringing a friend, for positive actions, etc.  We strive to be consistent and fair when awarding shares.                       

AWANA shares can then be used in our AWANA store to purchase items on the designated AWANA store nights.

Clubbers can also earn awards / badges for their uniforms / shirts as they finish sections of their handbooks.


What is the AWANA Store?

The AWANA Store is set up with items that kids love, ranging from small novelty items to gift cards to their favorite stores.   Clubbers have the opportunity to spend their shares whenever we have Store Night.  Donations that might encourage kids to learn are greatly appreciated!  See any AWANA leader for suggested donations if you should want to donate items for this purpose.     The AWANA Store will be open to the clubbers several times a year.


Get Involved:  

We have many opportunities to serve in AWANA. 

If you have a heart for working with youth and making a difference for the Kingdom of Christ, please consider getting involved in our AWANA program.  There is a postion for everyone!